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MagicWipe Rag™

MagicWipe Rag™

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The MagicWipe Rag™ is a revolutionary cleaning cloth that effortlessly tackles dust, dirt, and oil on hard surfaces. With just one pass, it leaves behind a streak-free shine, all without the need for chemical cleaners. Crafted from eco-friendly microfiber, this washable and recyclable cloth is a must-have for intensive cleaning.

MagicWipe Rag™, enhanced with FiberGuard Technology was designed to be durable and long lasting and still remain soft for all kinds of surface materials.

 Say goodbye to disposable rags and embrace the future of durability!



Use it for mirrorswindowsglassstainless steel, and more. It won’t scratch surfaces and leaves them spotless.


They’re practically sponges for moisture, leaving surfaces bone-dry and ready to dazzle. Whether it’s a dew-kissed window or a post-rain mirror, microfiber’s thirst for water is legendary.



The MagicWipe Rag™ Microfiber towel, drawing inspiration from the supple texture of deer skin, possesses otherworldly cleaning prowess. With a mere swipe, it banishes smudges, fingerprints, and grime into oblivion, leaving surfaces gleaming like celestial mirrors. It’s as if the towel whispers ancient secrets to dust particles, compelling them to flee in awe. Truly, this microfiber marvel is the chosen emissary of cleanliness—a mystical artifact bestowed upon mere mortals for their domestic quests!


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