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EasShape - Figure Shaping Shoes

EasShape - Figure Shaping Shoes

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Results after 2-3 weeks for a more fit and attractive body

Boost healing for knee, ankle and hip injuries.

Prevent Injury in knee and ankle area

Stimulate blood flow for less soreness after workout

Improve posture and effective leg axis correction

Remove swelling and pain in the legs and improve ankle mobility

recommended by orthopedic doctors and fitness trainers



Our EasyShape slippers are designed with a universal fit in mind, accommodating a diverse range of foot sizes. 

The dimensions of each slipper are approximately 10.2 inches in length and 4.53 inches in width.

Max. 9,5 Max. 9,5 Max. 7 Max. 7 Max. 7


Introducing EasShape, the innovative leg slimming shoes designed for those who want to enhance their fitness journey and body shape. Here’s a detailed look at what makes EasShape a must-have in your daily routine:



Improve your workout with the genius conch sole design

EasShape slippers are crafted with a unique conch shape, promoting a natural and continuous engagement of leg muscles. This innovative design encourages calorie burn and muscle toning with every step you take, making it an effortless addition to your fitness regimen.

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See results after 2 weeks

With EasShape, you can expect efficient body-shaping results. The slippers are engineered to target the leg and glute muscles, helping to slim and shape your legs while you go about your daily activities. The wide range of motion ensures maximal muscle exercise

Only 5-15 minutes a day is enough to feel results, as soon as in two week.

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Get in a quick workout anywhere and anytime 

Whether you’re at home, in the office, or enjoying a leisurely walk, EasShape slippers are versatile enough for any setting. Their wide-ranging use ensures that you can incorporate leg toning into your day, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Designed for optimum results

EasShape slippers are desgined for optimum results; they’re a tool to enhance your fitness and improve your workout. Regular use can lead to better posture, strengthened leg muscles, and a more toned physique, contributing to an overall healthier lifestyle.


Why should I use them

EasShape slippers stand out from traditional exercises like heel raises, squats, lunges, and calf presses due to their wide range of motion and unique 45° conch shape. A wide range of motion in exercises is beneficial as it helps to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility of joints and muscles, reduce pain, and prevent muscle atrophy.

The conch shape of EasShape slippers is designed to improve balance, which is a key component in effective exercise routines. This shape allows for a more even distribution of weight and stability during movement, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the slippers in promoting fitness and body shaping. By combining these features, EasShape slippers provide a comprehensive workout that not only targets the legs but also contributes to a balanced and well-rounded fitness experience.

EVA Material

Made with EVA, a lightweight and flexible material, EasShape provides a comfortable fit that adapts to your foot’s natural shape. This material is not only durable but also provides excellent cushioning, making your steps feel light and buoyant.

Anti-slip Feature

Safety is paramount, and EasShape’s anti-slip design ensures that you can move confidently without the worry of slipping. Whether on wet surfaces or during a brisk walk, these slippers will keep you grounded and secure.



EasShape is not just a slipper; it’s a step towards a fitter, more sculpted you. Slip them on and feel the difference as you make every step count towards your fitness goals.

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