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FlexStrap™ Complete Flexibility Kit

FlexStrap™ Complete Flexibility Kit

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Naturally prevent and correct the source of chronic backpain, sciatica and limited mobility. Restore a healthy posture and avoid further injuries.

✓  decompress & repair your vertebrae

✓  increase blood circulation

✓  no more pills with harmful side-effects

✓  patended 7-loop progressive stretching

✈  worldwide free shipping

↻  30-day money-back guarantee

▶  how-to-use video included

Eliminate agonizing back pain at home

If you're struggling with Lower Back Pain, it means the muscles connected to your back and hips are tense and under stress. Essentially, because of a domino effect caused by tight glutes, hamstrings, and hip flexors, your lumbar spine has to bear a heavier load every day. this can lead to ligament strain, bulging discs or speed up the degenerative disc process. Leading to that excruciating pain in your lower back, hips, and down your legs


Stretching with FlexStrap for just 5-10 minutes a day corrects the root cause of your discomfort, by reversing pelvic tilt induced lumbar strain & decompressing your vertebrae.


this releases painful, trapped nerves caused by herniated discs, leaving you with a pain-free, healthy back & giving you back the best years of your life.



it can be used on the floor, bed or chair 


Heal your spine permanently

If you've experienced the discomfort of sciatica or lower back pain, you know how debilitating it can be. Everyday activities like getting out of bed or climbing stairs can become daunting tasks. These conditions can make you feel far older than you are.

Perhaps you've explored various approaches, such as seeking advice from a chiropractor, using massage guns, or expensive inversion tables. Unfortunately, these methods often offer short-term relief, with the pain returning after a few days.

Flourifem™ FlexStrap + FREE E-Book "Your stretching guide"

Designed & recommended by medical professionals


FlexStrap uses the power of progressive stretching featuring its patented 7-loop design to restore the flexibility of your muscles, ultimately giving your vertebrae a break to relax and realign from the years of damaging pressure build up.


Naturally decompressing your spine with the Orthopedic Stretching Strap for at least 5-8 days permanently rehabilitates damaged spinal structures & muscles, alleviates pain, and fully restores your mobility.

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