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FreshLock KeepMate™

FreshLock KeepMate™

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 FreshLock KeepMate™

Keep your food fresh forever

Each month, a shocking amount of food waste contributes to a global crisis, with around 1.3 billion tons discarded food annually—tens of millions each month. This wastefulness exacerbates hunger and environmental issues, as one-third of all produced food is lost or wasted.


Meet FreshLock KeepMate™—our sustainable solution to the global challenge. Reducing waste and promoting responsible practices, FreshLock KeepMate™ is your ally in reshaping the future of consumption. Join us in making a positive impact—one FreshLock KeepMate™ at a time. 🌎🍽️✨



Extended Freshness!

Food preperation, leftover perservation, keeping your ingredients fresh it can do it all! 


Airtight and leak-proof lid Seal Technology for 5x longer freshness.

 No more bad odors in your Kitchen.


Platzsparendes Frischhalte-tablett – FOLVS 


FreshLock KeepMate™ is reliable in freezing conditions.


Can be used for fish, meats, steaks, bacon, sausages, cheese, vegetables, fruits etc.





Reusable and space-saving Design

Durable and resilient design allow for up to 3000 uses made with high quality clips, that don't snap


Stackable feature allows for efficient storage.



Look How Easy it is!



Eco-Friendly and High Quality Materials


Crafted from high-quality BPA-free and food-grade plastic.


Ultra-Stretch-Silicone lid fixed with ultrasonic technology


Eco-friendly and durable alternative for food preservation.

Creative Food Preservation Tray


Easy to clean

Food Preservation Tray – Lipeno


FreshLock KeepMate™ is dishwasher safe for easy use


Use a cloth to clean the Silicone lid easily











    • Preservation Layer Material: Food Grade TPU
    • Tray Material: Food Grade PP
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Color Options: Red, Black, Green
  • Product Size: Food Preservation Tray - 30CM × 22CM × 3CM/ 12in × 9in × 1in
  • Product Weight: Food Preservation Tray - 220G
  • Package Contents: 1 Food Preservation Tray

How to use:

The straightforward usage involves placing your food on the tray, closing the lid securely, and pressing down to unbuckle the latch—keeping your meals fresh has never been this convenient.

4 Pcs Creative Food Preservation Tray Plastic Preservation Tray,Magic  Elastic Film Buckle Vacuum Seal Keeps Food Fresh,Kitchen Tools Seal Storage  Container,Healthy Helper : Home & Kitchen

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